Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Woaaaha, Purikura

A close up, these lashes were very full
so I cut the edge of them off.

Once again I am without a camera, somehow the charger got thrown away >______< after two weeks of purchasing it! ARagagaa. So I have some webcam photos showcasing my new lashes that I just got a few days ago from my parents who live in Japan. Unfortunately I wasn't clear on which ones I wanted so I got some diaso ones, which work just fine however out of the five types I got, three have glitter on them and are not to be used for everyday. I'm still getting use to putting them on, it is very difficult! My friend is mailing me my very first bottom lashes so I cannot wait to try those on, but I'm unsure about circle lenses. I probably won't use them ever, I may change my mind though. :P

I have some purikura that I will be uploading through the next couple of months. I blotted out my friend's faces because I'm not sure if they want everyone to see them. This purikura was really really fast and it didn't count down so we ended up with very bad poses. I think I took these the very last month I was in Japan and it was one of my friends first and last time taking one.

One of them is missing because my ex-coworker had asked for one of each, so there will be one missing in each of them! Hmm, I'm working on getting my camera so I can take some outfit pictures and better make-up ones. Till next time!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Long time!

Well I've gotten a new camera so expect some new posts to show up soon and for me to update frequently. :p
But on to other things! I'm blogging about a giveaway today one of Laurite's blog! She is giving away a very very cute yearly planner with kitty cats, they are so so so so so popular in Japan, they literally sell hundreds of them in one store all with different and cute designs. It would be very helpful to keep up with one's day!

And here is her blog! Click me!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wish List

WARNING: Lots of text and images.

It has been awhile, without a camera I can't really give that many updates. Besides I haven't really been doing much, it was a shock moving from a city to this really tiny town, there isn't much to do here. So it's been awful, hopefully I can find a job soon to keep me steady. But on to my wishlist.

The back is so cool.
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 Ever since this brand came out I have been following it with a passion, I love Garula. It's one of the new brands in 109, directed by the extremely awesome haired Anna Fujita. Needless to say I want everything from her brand! It's mature, but also sexy, showing off shoulders, your legs.

I love these corduroys shorts/skirts! Especially the colors they have, navy, blue, red. One of my wants.  There crash denim jeans are killer, both in price and design. The shirts are amazing, very wicked design.

I love the rings on them!
Few. Now that I am done squirming over GARULA, this season I noticed that a lot of gals were into lace-up boots and I immediately fell in love with them. Luckily my Aunt still owed me a birthday present and I was able to buy these puppies, which will be here in about two weeks.

Of course I want a D.I.A belt, short pants, shirt, anything. I love d.i.a, it's very sexy but expensive. Got to wait for a job first! Also another big thing for me are sweaters, gal has really pulled together for the big, long, comfy sweater. Hopefully when I go shopping Sunday I will be able to find a nice sweater, and some other various things. I know my wishlist is more brand oriented instead of current style, but I just had to share my obsession of GARULA with someone!

Friday, September 30, 2011


I know, I know, the picture quality is horrible. But my camera is broken and I cannot afford a new one any time soon. Instead of giving up on this blog I decided to use my webcam to take pictures. So until I can get a new camera please enjoy these crappy photos for now.
I bought that pink sweater a while ago, it is a couple inches above my navel and I had nothing to wear with it, seriously. The color I loved, so I couldn't resist but then I found nothing to wear it with. Until I bought these overalls, and yes I bought them because they look exactly what Nemoyayo wore in  the August addition of egg.

So difficult to get a full body shot with a webcam. Sorry about the quality once again! Because I don't have a camera I won't be posting make-up/hair too often because it comes out horrible. Today I just put a top bun on because my hair was really greasy.

I am trying to improve my style, so if you have any suggestion, critic or anything like that please feel free to leave a comment or if you just want to say hello! Next week I'm going shopping! New shoes!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mitsu's Giveaway

I saw that Mistu from Universal Doll is having a giveaway. I especially like the lashes, I've never tried that style before. But the watch is adorable and it matches the pink Alpaca. Also she is giving away Palty fragrance, I never knew that Palty had other things beside hair dye. Good luck to all that enter!
Follow this link for the giveaway!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Bun

Well my camera broke, hah, water got spilled on it and now it won't turn on. Of course the moment I start a blog that involves taking pictures of clothing, hair, make-up the camera decides to call it quits and die. But I do have a webcam so all I can offer for now is a very big teased bun a top of my head. When my hair was shorter I tried so hard to do the perfect bun on my head, they came out small but kind of cute. Now with my massive amount of hair I didn't want a small or medium Japanese bun, I went for the biggest I could get!

On another note today was the first time I drove in a drive through, I missed the window by two feet and they asked me drive into the parking lot so they could give me my food safely. Well that was really nice of them, overall drive through are terrifying. :()

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Driving + First Outfit!

My Grandmother has been teaching me how to drive; first I hate driving, at least for now. The roads around here are super curvy and people like to go fast, whenever someone passes me I tend to stick my tongue at them. I guess it makes me feel better, after driving in town, turning and on the highway my legs felt like jello. By the way, avoid having your grandmother teach you because she tends to freak out over everything. She kept squeezing my knee if I went to fast, shouting as I turned the corner and then starts calling people saying "My granddaughter is driving!" Pfft. ON to more news, I took a picture of the outfit I'm wearing today. My camera is old and it really sucks so I tried my best to get clear pictures. It's really casual, just for driving and going to get groceries.

fullbody, aah horrible quality.

my top, a knit and tanktop with my cross necklace. I swear, I'm not groping myself!

MY beautiful boots, that are funky but a pain to wear.

Sorry a bad make-up shot at the moment, I'm not very good at the make-up or hair portion of gyaru besides I don't have any eyelashes or contacts! I think next time I'll make a list of things I will do to improve my look. Thank you for checking out my site!